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Simple & Easy

Simple to use, easy to learn.

Touch n Go

With SAMS, you won’t need hours and hours of training and instruction. Most of the users start using the SAMS just minutes after registering without any help from our staff.

No Setup Required

SAMS is a cloud base system and there are 0% setup required. You no need to do complicated installation on your own PC. What you need to do is just get an account and start meet SAMS.

Access Everywhere

SAMS is a cloud based system. You may enjoy to access SAMS anytime & everywhere. SAMS allow you to manage your record rapidly just with one click of login button.

Online Tutorial

Don’t worry if you still could not get familiar with SAMS. We will provide a set of online tutorial to guide you on every single features.


Make your life easy

Managing Record

Record and managing record in a single platform for client profile, policies details, claim case, etc. With powerful search engine and record listing sorting functions, SAMS allows you to get to your record shortly.

Status Tracking

Tracking on payment and claim status is not always easy. With SAMS status monitoring function, you can always remark on the status and follow up action according to each of your client.

Files and Documents Storage

You don’t need to worry on running out of space on document storage, or even documents misplaced or any disaster happening. SAMS provides a secure online storage. You can always upload and download the documents whenever you need it.

Calendar with Reminder

SAMS calendar helps on reminding you on important dates such as policy maturity date, payment collection, or appointments with clients, etc. With just a simple settings, a reminder email with details will be automatically send to your inbox.

Easy-to-use Analysis Reporting Tools

Data analyzing by using drag-and-drop, point-and-click. No more frustrated with complicated analysis reporting tools. No need extra skills. With SAMS, easily customize your own analysis report into Pivot table, or even into visualize view such as bar chart, line chart, etc. In addition, you can save the template and reuse it. 

Digital Name Card

Intro yourself in invovative way and go for greener world. Just setup your agent profile and a nice digital name card automatically generate for you. You can send this digital name card to anyone through any media. Receiver can directly download and save your details into their devices.


This is why you need SAMS

Increase Sales

 SAMS always take care on your prospect which maybe will be your client soon. You no longer need to always keep all prospect in your mind. From analysis report, you can always know your client’s behaviour.

Retain Clients

Retain your hard earned client. Always keep in touch with your client with SAMS reminder. Excellent after sales services to build loyalty insured and increasing client satisfaction.

Secure Storage

SAMS allow you to store all your data and document online. Electronic documents stored in secure storage and you have no worries on documents misplaced or data lost.

Optimized for Mobile Devices

SAMS is fully responsive design, ready to look stunning on any device.

100% Responsive

SAMS is fully responsive and will adapt itself to any mobile or tablet device.

Retina Ready

SAMS is Retina Ready and will always looks nice on any devices.

Let SAMS be your assistant close to your hand.